Sheepish Grin

Five one-take tracks on Soundcloud taken from the album BAA 1, recorded by Ich Mowatt at Sounding Post Studios, Giltbrook, Nottingham, one March morning . . .





Maiden Lane (Playford) / Trunkles (trad) / La Belle Jeanette (trad)


A well-known tune from Playford's Dancing Master of 1651, a Cotswold Morris tune and a strange little tune from  'William Winter's Quantocks Tune Book' published by Halsway Manor Society.



Lannigan's Ball (Trad) / Herbert the Sherbert (C. Martin Ellison) / The Plane Tree (C. Undine Hornby)



Le Canal en Octobre (Paris) / A Favourite Duet by Mr Holmes (trad)


A fine and very popular tune by French master composer Frederick Paris and a little gem from William Winter's manuscript.



Jack Robinson (trad)/ Bear Dance (trad) / Nutting Girl (trad)


No idea where we picked Jack up but the girl is well-known to Morris dancers . . .



Wals voor Polle (C. Wim Poesen) / Tina's Wedding (C. John Crawford)


Belgian Wim Poesen dedicated his tune to piper and box player Polle Ranson. Tina's Wedding was written for friends Steve & Tina, as a cost-effective wedding present . . .